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Floor Colouring | 3 Tricks To Merge Carpeted Living Rooms With Kitchen Tiles In An Open Plan Setup

Carpet flooring is a plush living room option that injects visual beauty to the area, but you must find a way to introduce it seamlessly to surrounding floors. If you have an open plan set up, then you'll obviously want to find a way to merge the carpet in your living room to your kitchen tiles. The idea of merging these two flooring options is based on certain factors, which this commentary seeks to explore in greater detail.

Use The Same Colour Scheme To Avoid Major Clashes

If you want to avoid any clashes or are unsure of how different colours will look, then you should ideally pick a carpet colour which is exactly the same as your kitchen tiles for enhanced flooring harmony. For instance, if you have beige or brown tiles in your kitchen, then you can choose carpet colours in the exact same shades to create an uninterrupted floor space –– even with different materials. If you have a smaller home with limited space in your open plan area, then this idea probably works best because the unbroken floor space produces a feeling of roominess.   

Choose Similar Shades Of The Same Colour For Monochromatic Allure

Don't want to go with the exact same colour, but don't want to deviate too far from it either? Your best option is to choose similar carpet shades as the colour of your kitchen tiles. This monochromatic colour scheme allows you to maintain a homogenous feeling without having to stick with the same colour. A monochromatic colour scheme borrows hues from the same base and spreads it into different tones and shades. For example, for beige kitchen tiles, you could choose monochromatic colours like brown, dark beige or pastel beige for your carpet. Once again, this is a good idea for smaller open plan layouts, but it also looks great when you are trying to craft a sense of formality to the living room thanks to the clearly defined boundary with the kitchen.

Go Boldly Different To Create Visual Interest

Some homeowners like the idea of creating bold, contemporary spaces with colour. If you fall into this category, your best option is to choose a completely different carpet colour from your kitchen tiles. For instance, choose colours like burnt orange or teal blue to create striking contrasts against your beige kitchen tiles. The idea here is to create visual interest by completely separating the kitchen and living room flooring from each other, despite the open plan layout. This works well when you have a larger living room with lots of space.

For your knowledge, carpets made from nylon cost between $125 and $300, while wool carpets cost between $140 and $500 per broadloom metre. Follow these sharp tricks to merge a living room carpet with your kitchen tiles in an open plan setup.