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Why You Ought To Use Blackbutt Timber for Your Flooring Needs

One of the more popular Australian hardwoods is Blackbutt. This is one of the taller eucalyptus tree species and is used for an assortment of structural applications both internally and externally. This hardwood gets its name due to its blackened appearance after being exposed to bush fires. If you are looking for hardwood timber flooring, here are some of the reasons why you ought to use Blackbutt timber for your needs.

Blackbutt timber is both functional and aesthetically appealing

With some other types of timber species, you may have to compromise on appearance for functionality and vice versa. This is not the case with Blackbutt timber, as you would get the best of both worlds. This grain of this timber is typically a pale yellowish colour, which creates great visual interest when used as residential flooring, decking and more. You can even find some species that have a pinkish hue to them, which will add to the overall uniqueness of the appearance of your flooring. Due to both its functionality as well as its aesthetics, you also have the option of making use of Blackbutt in various other applications such as support beams, ceiling rafters, fencing and more to create uniformity in your construction. In addition to this, the Blackbutt is strong and durable, making it an ideal option for areas that will be exposed to high traffic and heavy usage.

Blackbutt timber is pest and fire resistant

One concern when using timber products is having to protect them from infestations. As such, you would have to engage in different maintenance measures such as treating and sealing the timber to ensure it does not become structurally compromised. Blackbutt timber has an innate resistance to pests such as termites. This gives you the assurance that you can install this timber anywhere in and around your home without having to worry about it becoming compromised. Moreover, the Blackbutt species has been known to have a high fire resistance, as it is capable of surviving moderate bush fires. This makes it an ideal option for homeowners living in areas that are susceptible to bush fires.

Blackbutt timber is eco-friendly

Another thing to note about Blackbutt timber is that it grows quite fast. This makes it an ideal species for commercial plantations as the trees will regenerate in a short period of time. With deforestation becoming a global concern, opting for Blackbutt timber would enable you to play your part in environmental conservation.