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Why Carpet Flooring Tiles Are Selling Well

Carpet tiles are one of the most highly sought after high-end flooring products available on the construction market today. If you are currently planning to upgrade your existing residential flooring and haven't tried carpet tile flooring yet, there are a lot of good reasons why you should, as further highlighted below.

Warmth and comfort

One of the biggest selling points of carpet flooring tiles is that they give a warm and comfortable feeling under the feet. These tiles are a perfect choice for homeowners who prefer to walk barefoot while inside the house. Comfort levels when stepping on carpet tiles, however, vary depending on the type of carpet fibre used to manufacture the tiles. High-quality fibres are not only warm to step on but also feel smoother. Therefore, you should consider going for carpet tiles made from premium-quality fibres if you want to maximise indoor comfort.

Easy installation

Another major perk of carpet flooring tiles is that they are very easy to install, and you do not have to remove your existing floors to install them. Carpet tiles can be installed in a number of different DIY-friendly ways, including interlocking, self-adhesive and adhesive-free installation. 

Interlocking tiles are a DIYer's fantasy come true. These tiles fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, only that you will know where each piece needs to go without necessarily racking your brains. Self-adhesive carpet tiles come with an adhesive backing that allows the tiles to stick when placed over any subfloor. When removed, these tiles may or may not leave behind a tacky residue, depending on the kind of the adhesive used. An effective way to test the quality of the adhesive on your tile is to touch it with your finger and, if a sticky residue is left behind, then it will certainly remain on your subfloor when removed. 

Then there are adhesive-free carpet tiles, which as their name suggest, don't require any glue or adhesive. Instead, carpet tape is used to secure the tiles in place. This might, however, work for homes with minimal foot traffic, not commercial buildings that experience high traffic every day. 

Keep in mind that carpet tiles are very much like standard carpeting, just that they come in small square shapes. If you have used standard carpeting in your home before, then you should already have a good idea of the benefits that carpet tiles can provide.