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Pros of Opting For Blackbutt as Your Timber Flooring

Most Australian homeowners can agree that the epitome is elegance in a home is timber flooring. Hardwood floors remain a top choice since they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention hat hardwood flooring automatically increases the value of your property! However, when it comes to choosing the right hardwood species, you may find the process confusing since there is a myriad of options available. But one choice that is steadily garnering the attention of Aussie homeowners is blackbutt. Here are just a few of the pros you are going to enjoy when you opt for blackbutt as your timber flooring.

Guaranteed durability

A typical reason why some people are sceptical about investing in timber flooring for their homes is that they believe this material is not hardwearing. But this is not entirely true. While softwood timber species tend to be vulnerable to damage, hardwood timber is incredibly strong. And when it comes to one of the most durable species available, blackbutt is guaranteed to provide you with longevity. As long as you are willing to accord the timber floors the right maintenance, then the blackbutt is bound to last for decades down the line. Additionally, all that is needed to restore its lustre is an occasional sanding and polishing by flooring specialists.

Home-grown timber

Timber hardwood species, granted, are numerous. But when it comes to locally sourced species, you only have a few to choose from. Thus, it is only best for the local market to opt for a home-grown option such as blackbutt timber. The great thing about choosing locally grown timber species is that you are not only supporting the Australian market, but you are also utilising timber that is already accustomed to Australia's climatic conditions. Furthermore, blackbutt timber is one of the bush-fire resistant species available with a high fire rating.

Gorgeous hue

If you are keen on achieving a unique aesthetic for the interior of your home, then you will find that blackbutt timber flooring is right up your alley. The hue of the grain will typically range from very light creamy shades to light browns at the other end of the spectrum. Homeowners with small living spaces may want to consider the paler colours of blackbutt available since this hue will reflect light an make the rooms appear larger than they really are. On the other hand, if you prefer the classic appeal of hardwood flooring, you could choose the brown variety.