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Two Misconceptions about Tiled Floors

Here are some common misconceptions about tiled floors.

It’s Impossible to Keep a Room with Tiled Floors Warm

In locations with hot climates, it is common for homeowners to opt for tiles as their main flooring material due to how cool it feels underfoot in hot weather. Because of this, many people who live in places with cold seasons assume that tiling their floors would make it impossible to keep their homes warm.

This is not true at all and in fact, tiled floors can be an excellent choice for properties in areas where the climate is cold in some seasons and warm in others. For example, tiled floors pair beautifully with underfloor heating due to the fact that most common tile materials (like ceramic) are good conductors and tend to retain heat very well. As such, in a property with underfloor heating, tiled floors would feel very warm underfoot in the winter when the heating system is on (as well as for quite a while after the system's been switched off) and pleasantly cold underfoot in the warmer months.

In homes where the owners don't want or cannot afford underfloor heating and are on the fence about tiling their floors because of their concerns about staying warm in winter, laying affordable, thick rugs over the tiles during the colder seasons is a very simple and cheap way to ensure the floors feel reasonably warm when people walk over them.

All Tiled Floors Have to Be Resealed Regularly

The other misconception about tiled floors is that every type of tiled floor has to be resealed regularly. The idea of having to arrange for such a big job to be done to one or more of the floors in their home can deter homeowners from tiling their properties' floors. The truth is that in most cases, only floor tiles made of natural stone need to be resealed regularly (this is due to how porous natural stone is), whilst the vast majority of other floor tile materials (such as glazed porcelain, ceramic and glass) do not.

The main form of maintenance that tiles in high-traffic areas of a building usually need is grout repair and resealing. This usually only needs to be done on the grout around specific tiles that people walk over most often in a room (such as the tiles in the centre of a hallway, for example). It is also a much quicker, easier and cheaper job than resealing an entire tiled floor.

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