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Beneficial Attributes Of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial vinyl flooring offers a variety of advantages for businesses. It's durable, easy to look after and offers assorted design possibilities. These attributes are explained in further detail below.


The flooring in a commercial space, such as a retail store or a hospital, must withstand constant foot traffic. Commercial vinyl is able to do this, being made of resilient PVC and plastic. This flooring has the added benefit of being resistant to moisture damage, unlike options such as laminate and timber. Thus, if you're looking for an option that can handle spills and accidents, vinyl is ideal.

Low Maintenance

Another important factor to consider with respect to commercial flooring is that it should be low-maintenance and easy to look after. With vinyl, you don't have to undertake regular resealing or waxing, and this adds to its convenience and economy. You can vacuum and mop the floor with standard products. Additionally, vinyl is moisture-resistant, so it doesn't typically rot, grow mould or require unique treatments.

In this way, vinyl is an efficient commercial flooring option. Additionally, it's straightforward to install, as it doesn't need to be nailed but is usually glued to the subfloor. Vinyl is also lightweight and thus easy to work with, which keeps installation costs down.

Design Options

Commercial vinyl also offers many design choices, allowing you to coordinate the flooring with your premises. You can choose from sheet vinyl cut to fit your space or LVP in the shape of planks or tiles that are pieced together on the floor.

You can opt for uniform colours, patterns or designs that mimic substances like hardwood timber and natural stone. Vinyl creates beautiful flooring with the help of photographic technology and particular pieces of wood and rock. Depending on what's available in a specific range, you can get vinyl options such as faux blackbutt and Tasmanian oak planks.

You can choose pale or dark timbers in warm and cool tones to blend the floor with any setting. You can also choose vinyl tiles that look like granite, slate and other beautiful stone varieties. Adding to the authentic appearance, some vinyl flooring has the characteristic texture of these materials, so you can lay planks with a wood grain texture and tiles with a cleft surface.

This design variety is ideal for businesses, as it allows you to lay flooring in keeping with your company's style and to use colours representative of your branding.

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